The Holidays Outside of Walt Disney World: The Lights on Jeater Bend

What a great holiday experience! 

Recently I told you about the 2020 version of Now Snowing-Celebration’s Winter Wonderland. It’s held each night in the nearby town of Celebration, Florida, and runs through December 31. My daughter and I decided to check it out on December 8. Things do look different this year. The tree is in the middle of Market Street instead of by the water. There are only two boxes that shoot out snoap, and it is at random times. But that is not what I want to share with you today.

The tree in downtown Celebration and snoap 

After we walked around Market Street and saw the snoap at around 6:45, we decided to check out another Christmas tradition in Celebration. It’s called The Lights on Jeater Bend. It’s not an official event, and it’s not sponsored by the town. Instead, it’s 11 homes on a street in Celebration that have coordinated their Christmas decorating. The results are fantastic.

Jeater Bend Drive is located a little over a mile past the center of Celebration. Just head down Celebration Avenue, pass Corpus Christi Church, and keep going a little bit more. Jeater Bend Drive will be on your left. Believe me, you won’t miss it.

11 families work together 

My daughter and I decided to walk because it was a nice night. If you drive, street parking is free. You might want to park on Celebration Avenue. You can walk past the houses, or you can drive through. If you drive, tune your radio to 88.1 so that you can hear the music as you drive down the street. The lights dance to the music. If you’re walking, you will still be able to hear the music because they have it playing outside.

The light dance to the music 

It’s free to experience The Lights on Jeater Bend. For those who want to make a donation, there is a charity that the money will go to. This year, donations will benefit the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. It’s an organization that helps the hungry and homeless in the area.

The Lights on Jeater Bend run each evening from 6:00 until 9:30, through December 31. Many of the houses that are not part of the 11 still decorate, and the results are beautiful. Organizers ask that you wear masks and practice social distancing if you are out of your car. If you visit, remember that this is a residential area. These are homes, not businesses. Please respect the privacy of those who live there. I’m glad that I finally took the time to see The Lights on Jeater Bend. They do a similar event for Halloween each year, I don’t plan to miss it in ten months!