The Next Few Days

Cinderella Castle is all dressed up for the anniversary!

The next few days are going to be a whirlwind for me. On Wednesday and Thursday there is a two day media event that I’ll be covering for Disney Dining. On Friday and Saturday I’m taking a mini-staycation, I’ll be at the Magic Kingdom on Friday and Epcot on Saturday. I don’t often stay on Walt Disney World property, so this is going to be a treat for me, even if it is only for one night. On Sunday I plan to go to Disney’s Animal Kingdom so that I can see Disney KiteTails. The rest of the week is going to be crazy, but a good kind of crazy.

I’ll be adding things on Disney Over 50 as I have time, but I need to concentrate on Disney Dining. That is my job, this is my hobby. It’s also because of Disney Dining and the other websites within our group that I’m able to attend these events. A lot of hard work went into making it this far.

Just because I’m working doesn’t mean that I’m going to forget about my Disney Over 50 family. I’ll still be adding things to both Facebook and Instagram. I personally think that this is the best group of Disney fans on the worldwide web, and I’m thrilled that I’ll be able to share my experiences with you!

I’m not sure what the next few days are going to hold. There could be a lot of new information, or it could be mostly nostalgia. There might be a little bit of both. All I know is that I’m excited about what lies ahead.

I also want to thank you for supporting this website. There have been times when I’ve considered cutting back a bit on Disney Over 50, or giving up completely. Then I’ll receive a message or someone will leave an encouraging comment, and suddenly I’m enthusiastic again. We may be a small group, but we’re mighty!

I’ll share my experiences next week. Until then, don’t forget to watch the livestreams of the new fireworks shows. Happy Golden Anniversary Walt Disney World!