Passholder Previews for Toy Story Land?

Passholder won’t get a sneak peak at Woody, but all is not lost 

One of the top questions that I have been asked over the past few months is when there will be Passholder Previews for Toy Story Land. The question hasn’t been if, it’s been when. Since I’ve already been behind the scenes and have seen the progression, many hoped that I would have some inside knowledge. Believe me, I asked as many people as I could, and was always given the same basic answer, which was some variation of “we don’t know right now”.

The last time I went backstage at Toy Story Land was on May 23, and with a June 30 opening date for the new area at Disney’s Hollywood Studios I began to have my doubts about whether or not there would be any previews. Everything was progressing well, but I couldn’t see how they would have time to get things finished up a couple of weeks early. I hoped that I was wrong. After all, Disney is all about magic.

It looks like there aren’t going to be Passholder Previews for Toy Story Land, but that does not mean that Passholders are going to miss out. Instead of a preview, Walt Disney World is going to hold what they are calling “Passholder Play Time”. Gold, Platinum, Platinum Plus, and Premier Passholders need to keep an eye on their email this summer. They will be sent an invitation to sign up for Passholder Play Time. This will take place in September, and spaces are limited. No further details were given.

I attended one of the Passholder Previews for Pandora – The World of Avatar. The link in the email took me to a place where I could pick a date and sign up for a two hour time frame. (It was an incredible two hours!) The spots did go fast. My preview was on May 17, 2017, which was ten days before the land opened to the public. While the details for the new event weren’t yet given, my guess is that there will be some times for Passholder Play Time that will be before Disney’s Hollywood Studios opens for the day, and others once the park closes. It could be kind of like Extra Magic Hours, except for Passholders.

Platinum and Platinum Plus Passes are the two main choices for Annual Passes. Gold is only for Florida Residents. Premier is the pass that includes both Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort.

When I hear more details about Passholder Play Time, I’ll let you know here.

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  1. Oh okay my sis is working there for toy Story Land in Disney world keep me posted

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