Another Toy Story Land Sneak Peek

Toy Story Land Model

On Wednesday, May 23, I was given a sneak peek at Toy Story Land. I was part of a media group. This is the third such event I’ve attended, there were three so that we could see the progress each month. Our presentation started at Ale & Compass Restaurant at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort (the food was amazing!), and then we headed to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Photos were not allowed of the construction site. Here are the highlights of what I learned.


There will be plenty of items to celebrate the opening of Toy Story Land. You’ll find t-shirts, hats, and bags, plus some creative choices. My favorite was probably the Slinky Dog headband. There is also a Green Alien headband, the eyes on that one move. Other items will include a Buzz Bubbler, a wearable light up Slinky Dog, and toy replicas of the two new rides.

Toy Story Land Shirt and Headband


Woody’s Lunch Box is going to serve all three meals. The signature breakfast item will be S’mores French Toast Sandwich, but you’ll also find Smoked Turkey Breakfast Sandwich, Banana Split Yogurt Parfait, and other choices. For lunch and dinner there will be sandwiches such as Grilled Three-Cheese Sandwich and Monte Cristo. Sandwiches come with a side. For dessert you will be able to enjoy a creative take on classic Pop-Tarts. You can also order Root Beer Floats, Mystic Portal Punch, and other beverages. There will be vegan options (chili and grilled cheese) for lunch and dinner. Woody’s Lunch Box is supposed to offer a new twist on classic lunch box foods.

Toy Story Land Progress

While still at the restaurant we received an update on what has been going on as far as the work on the new land. Toy Story Land is progressing well, and new things are added each day. There are Tinkertoy poles for speakers and lights, more toys being added across the land, and more graphics and small details. We learned that Mr. Potato Head will return to Toy Story Mania!

Toy Story Land Construction Site

When we arrived at Toy Story Land we were kept behind a barrier because it is still a construction zone. Things have changed so much since the last time I was there! A lot of the new Toy Story Mania entrance was complete, but parts were still blank. There was scaffolding on the building’s front. Woody’s Lunch Box is recognizable now. We still could only see the top of Alien Swirling Saucers, but that had obviously changed since the last time we were there. We learned that there will be a bridge made of Tinkertoys that lead up to Slinky Dog Dash. The restrooms will be near Woody’s Lunch Box. We were also told that Toy Story Land needs to be experience both during the day and then again after dark.

Passholder Preview?

There is still no word on when or if there will be a Passholder Preview. I was told that right now they’re just concentrating on getting everything ready for June 30, which is the day that Toy Story Land officially opens.