Why I’m Excited About Toy Story Land

The Toy Story Land model at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Not too long ago I read an article that stated that there isn’t much excitement about Toy Story Land, which is scheduled to open at Disney’s Hollywood Studios on June 30. The writer is someone who tends to be anti-Disney, but this still surprised me. There is a lot of buzz and anticipation for the new land, and after Pandora – The World of Avatar opened last year the bar has been raised. There are several reasons why I am counting down until June 30. Here are a few of them.

Two New Rides

Disney’s Hollywood Studios has never had a ton a rides, but right now there aren’t many choices. Two new rides are on the way, which will bring new life into the park. Alien Swirling Saucers is said to be similar to Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree at Disneyland’s Disney California Adventure. If so, put away your loose items and prepare to spin around. Slinky Dog Dash is slated to be a family friendly coaster. I’m not a huge fan of the more intense roller coasters, but if the words “family friendly” are there I know that it’s just my speed.

Woody’s Lunch Box

While the menu hasn’t yet been released, it is always nice when a new quick service location opens. This will be welcome at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, where the number of eateries currently leaves something to be desired. Woody’s Lunch Box will be open for all three meals, meaning that you’ll be able to grab something quickly before getting in line at the beginning of the day. Since it will be a walk-up location, you can then eat while waiting in line.


This is what I’m the most excited about with Toy Story Land. The idea of shrinking down to the size of a toy and entering their world sounds like a dream come true. Toy Story is a classic for many reasons. When we were little we all knew that our toys would spring to life the moment that we left the room, so the story made sense to us as adults. The movies also hold special places in the hearts of people in my generation, who fondly remember taking our kids when they were young. Disney is all about details, and I am sure that the Imagineers will have many surprises in store once the newest land at Walt Disney World opens. I can’t wait to look for the little things.

The Future?

What does the immediate future look like at Disney’s Hollywood Studios? After June 30, my guess is that things will be crazy for a while. Since the new land will open right before the busy month of July, it will be wall to wall people. I don’t know if this will take some people away from the current crowds at Pandora. That section of Disney’s Animal Kingdom is still packed during the day, nine months later. If you’re thinking about a trip to Central Florida to experience Toy Story Land, you might want to wait until kids are back in school. It will still most likely be crowded, but both Toy Story Land and Pandora could be more manageable by then.