Non-Typical Summer Weather

It’s been a weird summer!

If you’ve ever been to Central Florida during the summer months, you’ve probably experienced what is considered “typical summer weather”. It’s sunny in the morning, then sometime in the afternoon between 2:00 and 4:00 the wind picks up before a strong thunderstorm rolls in. That then blows over in less than 30 minutes. Next it’s clear, but humid, again. The whole pattern repeats the next day.

I’ve talked about that here on Disney Over 50 before. Lately, though, we are not living in typical times. The storms in 2022 have been anything but typical.

This summer, we haven’t had rain daily. No rain makes the temperature soar, so there have been more days in the upper 90s than usual. Upper 90s are miserable no matter where you are, add in the Florida humidity and proximity to the sun and it can be a disaster. I’ve heard about more people passing out at Walt Disney World during the past few weeks than in the past ten years.

We have had storms. They haven’t been every day, but they still have come. These storms have been even stronger than the norm. They feel as if my whole house is going to explode! There have been a couple of reports on the news of people who have been struck by lightning. Always take lightning seriously.

The storms are also lasting longer. They aren’t always blowing over in 30 minutes. They have sometimes been calming down for a little while, only to pick up again an hour later. The first evening of Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party was a good example of this. It felt like the storm was about to finally pass, but then there would be another clap of thunder, and the rain just kept coming.

I have two points that I’m trying to make here. The first is that storms always need to be taken seriously. If you hear thunder, get inside. My second point is that you need to take care of yourself when the temperature goes up. Those hot, humid days can take a toll, so drink plenty of water, and don’t overdo it with the alcohol. You can have a great time at Walt Disney World, even when the weather is out of whack. Just don’t try to fight the weather, because you will lose.