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Some Tips for Disney After Hours at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

My guide and my wristband

My daughter and I were lucky enough to attend Disney After Hours at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. We were there on December 4, 2018; I covered the event for Disney Dining. You can read my full write up here. The tickets were provided to us by Disney free of charge, and we had such a good time. If you plan on attending (and I highly recommend it), here are a few tips.

Rivers of Light

Check to see if Rivers of Light is going to be playing before the event starts because you can enter the park two hours early. Rivers of Light did run during the event while we were there, but we went to the last show that was shown to the general public. That meant that we didn’t take any time from the event for the show, and we still were able to enjoy it.

Empty numbers at Flight of Passage

You’ll be able to walk right onto Avatar Flight of Passage most of the night. The only line we waited in was for Flight of Passage when the event started, because we headed there immediately and many others had the same idea. Ride something else first! Give it half an hour or so, and then there should be no line.

When have you ever seen Pandora so empty?

Speaking of Avatar Flight of Passage, stagger your rides. I don’t get motion sick, but one time we walked off and got right back in line. The second time I felt it.

The dance party was empty!

Wander over to DinoLand U.S.A. at some point. The dinosaur versions of Chip ‘n Dale were holding a dance party, but there was no one there so they were taking pictures instead.

Watch Tree of Life Awakenings for a while

Watch Tree of Life Awakenings for a while. You’ll have time, and it’s beautiful. What was nice is that we were able to watch and take pictures without standing behind others with their arms in the air, taking pictures with their phones. We could just enjoy it for a few minutes.

No one else was on the way to DINOSAUR

Take lots of pictures of the empty lines and walkways. You will never see the park like that again, unless you buy another ticket.

Near Expedition Everest

Disney After Hours is a special ticketed event that is held on select nights. You can now enjoy three of the four parks this way, Epcot has not yet joined in on the fun. Three hours does not sound like a lot of time, but we were able to do it all, and then some. If you’re all about rides and hate to wait in line, buy a ticket. In my opinion, it’s worth the price. Call 407-939-7795 for more information or to buy your ticket.