Country Bear Musical Jamboree Lineup

All photos courtesy Disney Parks Blog

Country Bear Musical Jamboree is scheduled to open on July 17 at the Magic Kingdom. But just who are the Country Bears? Disney Parks Blog has filled us in on who is who!


Who’s Who at Disney’s Country Bear Musical Jamboree

by Tyler McNulty, Communications Manager, Walt Disney Imagineering

Yee haw! We can bear-ly contain our excitement that Country Bear Musical Jamboree is opening next week at Walt Disney World.

The bears are preparing a knee-slappin’ and toe-tappin’ kind of show with reinterpreted Disney tunes from bluegrass to Americana, rockabilly and more! As we shared in the latest episode of “We Call It Imagineering,” these twangy tracks will even include “Try Everything” and “A Whole New World” from the Walt Disney Animation Studios films “Zootopia” and “Aladdin.”

Before the fiddlin’ begins on July 17 though, we’re taking you on a behind the scenes tour with a special look at who’s who.

New Country Bear Musical Jamboree Costumes

Meet the Country Bears 

Ursus H. Bear 

After an inspirational hibernation season, Ursus H. Bear set out to create a permanent cultural showplace dedicated to America’s musical heritage. In 1898, Ursus established Grizzly Hall where the honey tycoon-turned-impresario invited tuneful bruins to present zany and captivating performances in a show that quickly became known as a wild and wooly good time!

Henry in Country Bear Musical Jamboree


Years later, Ursus’s grandson Henry took over and now serves as the master of bear-emonies. He even helped develop the current show and co-wrote the opening song with the Five Bear Rugs.

Five Bear Rugs

Speaking of the Five Bear Rugs, there’s Zeke and Zeb and Ted and Fred and a bear named Tennessee, and they’re all playing with real ol’ country rhythm.

If you look to the bottom right of the stage, you’ll even see Zeb’s son, Oscar, holding a Big Al plush.

Trixie in Country Bear Musical Jamboree


One of the Country Bears’ most veteran performers is the one and only Trixie. After trying everything, she eventually found her niche for performing. Now fans can find her singing away with triplets Bunny, Bubbles and Beulah.

Bunny, Bubbles and Beulah in Country Bear Musical Jamboree

Bunny, Bubbles and Beulah

Originally known as The Sun Bonnets, these girls recently turned in their bonnets for Stetsons when they began singing with Trixie around the world, including a sold-out engagement at Royal Ursa Hall.

Teddi Barra in Country Bear Musical Jamboree

Teddi Barra

Not to be outdone by Trixie is The Jewel of the Dakotas, Teddi Barra. Her rise in show biz was meteoric after being discovered in an ice cream parlor.

Wendell in Country Bear Musical Jamboree


Wendell, on the other hand, was a frustrated basketball, baseball and football player until Henry invited him to try carrying a tune, and he’s been part of the Country Bears gang ever since. He’s thrilled to finally sing a love song with Teddi, much to the dismay of his old friend Henry.


Ernest the Dude in Country Bear Musical Jamboree

Ernest the Dude

Ernest the Dude is one of the best-dressed bears guests will see at Grizzly Hall – he brings his entire wardrobe wherever he goes. For those counting, that’s 17 trunks filled with 30 coats, 40 slacks, 60 shirts, 20 hats and a pair and a half of underwear.

Terrence/Shaker in Country Bear Musical Jamboree

Terrence, aka Shaker

Ernest and Trixie aren’t the only actors in the bear band. Terrence, aka Shaker, was once a famous theater star until a fall from the balcony in “Romeo and Juliet” brought the house down – literally.

Ever since that fateful night, he turned in his tights for a guitar and created a signature dance move that he’s used ever since. Don’t worry about Terrence, though. Despite having a face only a Mama Bear could love – and being perpetually single –  he’s ready to launch his film career.

Romeo McGrowl in Country Bear Musical Jamboree

Romeo McGrowl

Speaking of starting a new chapter, one bear is ready to enter his next era of singing rockabilly. Of course, I’m referring to none other than the Miami Serenader himself, Romeo McGrowl.

Gomer in Country Bear Musical Jamboree


Our resident piano player Gomer also knows a thing or two about rebrands. Having been classically trained since he was a cub, Gomer’s favorite composition before switching to country and western music was “Night on Bear Mountain.”

Big Al in Country Bear Musical Jamboree

Big Al

And of course, what would the Country Bears be without Big Al? There’s music in this bear’s blood, and he’s been playing the guitar since he was a child.

He was even the resident bard and balladeer in the swamp before Disney World was built. Coming off his 25th Farewell Tour in cities like Paris (Texas), Hollywood (Florida) and London (Ohio), Big Al is a true legend.

The Country Bears are like one big, happy family, and thanks for bearing with us as they rehearse a brand-new show. As we like to say around Grizzly Hall, we hope that you’ll be comin’ back again when the Country Bear Musical Jamboree opens July 17 at Magic Kingdom!