My Penguin Trek Review

Penguin Trek!

Penguin Trek is the newest roller coaster at SeaWorld Orlando. It opened on July 7, 2024. I was invited by SeaWorld to attend the ribbon cutting ceremony and take a ride. Here are my first thoughts.

Puck the Penguin helped cut the ribbon

Believe it or not, Penguin Trek is SeaWorld Orlando’s eighth roller coaster! Most of the coasters at SeaWorld are known for their intensity. There are loops, high speeds, and high height requirements. It’s the perfect theme park for thrill junkies.

Part of the queue

SeaWorld Orlando also has a great area for the little ones to play. Sesame Street Land is a faithful recreation of our childhood memories. It’s perfect for the younger crowd. While older kids can ride, many third graders aren’t going to want to take a spin on Abby’s Flower Tower. The area isn’t designed for them.

Height Check

That’s why Penguin Trek is an important addition to SeaWorld Orlando. It’s considered a “family friendly” coaster. There is a minimum height requirement of 42 inches, and a maximum height of 78 inches. It’s perfect for those who aren’t tall enough for the huge coasters and for those who like a little less intensity on their rides.

The loading area (Boy Scouts were invited to be the first to ride!)

The theme for Penguin Trek is that you’re on a journey to Antarctica. The queue winds through “Sea Station Antarctica”,  which resembles a research station. You’ll board inside, but most of the ride is outdoors. Your ride vehicle is a snowmobile.

There are a few curves

I’ll admit it, I’m a wimp when it comes to roller coasters. I don’t mind going fast and I like a good launch, but I hate big hills. I am not a fan of the “stomach drop” feeling. I loved Penguin Trek.

No big drops

I rode with a friend who loves coasters, and he requested the back row. It was the perfect place to ride because the back usually feels faster than the front. There are no large drops on Penguin Trek, but there are some fun turns. There are two launches, and they were great in the back row. The ride reaches a speed of 43 miles per hour.

End of the ride

Overall, Penguin Trek is a smooth ride. It was a bit bumpy during the transition before the second launch, but it wasn’t too bad. As far as intensity goes, I’d say it’s just a notch more intense than Slinky Dog Dash at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. If you like Slinky Dog, you’ll enjoy Penguin Trek.


The fun isn’t over once you’re off of Penguin Trek. After you disembark, you’ll head to the Penguin Exhibit. It’s a cool 34 degrees inside, and on July 7 that was a welcome change! There are over 300 penguins to see. There are two things that you need to be aware of inside the Penguin Exhibit. First, flash photography is not allowed. There are Team Members on hand, constantly reminding everyone to keep the flash off. Second, the floor inside the Penguin Exhibit could be wet, so be careful when you walk. You can visit the penguins without riding Penguin Trek, there is a separate entrance.

If you don’t ride, you can still see the penguins

Overall, Penguin Trek is a great addition to SeaWorld Orlando. It’s a fun ride for anyone over 42 inches tall. The two launches both offer a thrill, but at a level that is perfect if you don’t like huge coasters. Well done, SeaWorld.

Penguin Trek merchandise

I’d like to thank SeaWorld Orlando for inviting me out. I had a great time.