My Missing PhotoPass Experience

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I’ve mentioned before that all is not lost if one or more PhotoPass Photos are missing. I knew that a lot of people have had their missing photos recovered, but I never had to try it myself until recently. Here’s my experience.

I’ve had photos missing before, mostly ride photos because I wore an older MagicBand. Those photos didn’t really matter to me. I live close to Walt Disney World and I have plenty of ride photos. Unless I’m riding with someone who doesn’t visit often, I don’t think all that much about the ride photos.

This time it was different. The photo that was missing was from Splash Mountain, and it was the last time that I would ride. I wanted this picture!

The first thing that I did was to wait a couple of days. I’ve had photos turn up in My Disney Experience 48 hours later before, and I hoped that would be the case again. After a couple of days with nothing, I decided to see if the photo could be retrieved.

The place I needed to visit to try to find missing PhotoPass Photos is Contact Disney PhotoPass Service. You can find the form here.

You’re asked to choose a problem, I picked “A Missing Photo”. That opened up a form. I needed to add the date, where the photo was taken, the approximate time, the number of photos, and any characters that were in the photo. (Since mine was a ride photo I left that part blank.) Next was a place to add any information that could help. I told them what we were wearing, where we were sitting, and the color of the shirt of the woman who sat in front of me. I also narrowed down the timeframe. I took a picture right before we went on the ride, so I checked the time on that. Adding as many details as possible really helps, so if you’re missing a photo mention any hats, sunglasses, etc. The little details will give them a better chance to find the photo.

There’s then a place where you can upload a picture. If you have one from the day in question, use that! That will help them to know what to look for as far as clothes and other details.

The final section is for general contact information. I included the number of the MagicBand that I wore when we rode.

After about a week I thought that I would never get my photo. I was a little bit bummed, but there are more important things in life. Then, 11 days after I filled out the form, I got a notification in the My Disney Experience App that I had a new photo. They had found it! I also received an email stating that my photo had been found and added to my account.

That was my experience. I’m glad that Disney offers this service. If you need to ask them to find missing photos, include as many details as possible. I think that made the difference in locating my picture. Also, be patient. The Cast Members have a lot of photos to go through! I hope that you have the same results that I had.