Rumor Versus Satire

Cinderella Castle is here to stay 

I had something else that I planned to write about today, but then I saw a question on Facebook for the umpteenth time, and decide to address that instead. Disney is NOT getting rid of Cinderella Castle after the 50th Anniversary! The icon is here to stay.

The “rumor” started because of a TikTok video from the site The Mouse Trap. This isn’t a fake news or rumor site, it’s satire. Everything on the site is made up and written for fun. I’ve written satire in the past, it’s great to let your imagination run wild. The Mouse Trap isn’t about rumors, because they state all along that none of the information is true.

The problem is that people don’t pay close enough attention. They often don’t read all the way to the bottom or watch a video to the end. They will read the first couple of sentences, and then decide that everything there is fact. At the bottom of the Cinderella Castle story are the words “…very real stories like this totally made up one”. You need to read to the bottom for the disclaimer. If you’d like to see the whole story, you can find it here.

At Disney Over 50, when I share news I will always try to be upfront with you. If it’s a rumor, I will tell you right off. If it’s news, I will share the source so you can check it out for yourself. I also try to give you the information you’re looking for right away, instead of several paragraphs of filler. I want this to be a site that you can trust for information.