Preview or Glitch?

Gotta love this entrance!

If you’re in several Walt Disney World Facebook groups, you might have noticed a lot of excitement earlier today. That’s because several Disney fan sites posted that Annual Pass sales had returned! The problem was, they hadn’t. There was a glitch in the system that made it seem as if Annual Passes were on sale once again. I don’t know if any sales went through or not.

Or was it a glitch? Could this have been a way to get people excited for Annual Pass sales again? Disney received a lot of free publicity this morning about Annual Passes. It could be that someone from Disney was trying to get some buzz going.

Another possibility is that Disney is trying to calculate how much interest there is in Annual Pass sales. There are Cast Members who read the posts in the various groups, maybe this was a way to see exactly how much interest there is.

It could also be that Annual Pass sales will be live once again in the very near future. The technology team might have been working on the website, getting ready to bring passes back soon, and something went wrong and the links went live.

I don’t know what happened. It’s been months since most levels of Annual Passes have been for sale, and I never thought it would go this long. When I hear something that is real about Annual Pass sales, I’ll let you know.