It’s about to get HOT!

If you’re headed to Walt Disney World over the next few days, I have a warning for you. It is going to be hot! I know that it’s Florida in May, but we’re about to hit that warmest spell that we’ve had in months. I’m talking upper 90s by the end of the coming week.

This is not yet the “normal” summer pattern. The humidity hasn’t been too high lately, and we haven’t had much rain. From what I understand, that’s why the temperatures are soaring. Without the rain, there’s no period of “cooling off” in the afternoon. That’s not to say it won’t rain, I think that there is always a chance of rain in the Sunshine State!

There are things that you can do to lessen the impact of Florida’s sun. A sun-blocking umbrella can make a real difference. Cooling towels or neck fans can also help. If you didn’t pack a cooling towel, they’re for sale in many gift shops.

I’ve said it a million times and probably will say it a million more; drink plenty of water on hot days. It’s not soda or coffee that you need, it’s water. That’s the best way to replenish your body, because on hot days you’ll sweat a lot. I’m a coffee drinker, but on hot days at Walt Disney World it’s water that I’ll pick. You can get free cups at any quick service location that serves fountain drinks.

Another thing I’ve mentioned a lot is sunscreen. This needs to be used all year long, even if you don’t normally burn. A sunburn is even more miserable when it’s hot, because it will make you hotter.

What you wear is important to help keep you comfortable. Light colors are cooler, but they will also show the sweat. Wear something that is a little bit loose so that it isn’t tight against your body.

And take breaks indoors. You don’t need to do it all. A midday meal or an air conditioned show could be exactly what you need on a hot day. Listen to your body, and if something feels off, duck into a store and out of the sun. I’ve always been affected by heat, but it’s gotten worse as I’ve grown older. I still live in Florida, even with the heat! I’m careful, and you need to be as well. There’s no reason why you can’t enjoy yourself, even when the temperature keeps going up.