Star Wars Day at Sea!

This is from a media event in 2019, since we’re not onboard yet

My husband, daughter, and I are headed out on a Star Wars Day at Sea Cruise on the Disney Fantasy! Our house sitter has arrived, and Yoda (our dog) isn’t sure what is going on, but they’ll have a great time together.

I’ll share more about my trip when we get back. WiFi isn’t cheap on a Disney Cruise! I’ll try to add pictures here and there on Facebook and Instagram, but I’m not making any promises.

Then again, we have one more COVID test to take before we’re allowed onboard, so I might end up sharing information on that process instead. (We’ve tested several times and are negative, so I hope that’s still the case.)

I plan to reshare articles that are relevant while we’re gone so that no one forgets about Disney Over 50.

May the Force be with you!