Too Old for T-Shirts?

I wish that I had bought this shirt from last year’s Festival of the Arts!

There was a list going around online a while back about things that people shouldn’t do over the age of 30. Some of the items were good advice, like not getting enough sleep or not saving for retirement. One item, though stuck with me, even though I read the article years ago. It said that once you hit 30, you should no longer wear character or other printed t-shirts.

That one I was not okay with. I’m long past 30, and I never stopped wearing printed t-shirts. At least half of my wardrobe is either Disney or Star Wars! And the number of shirts keeps growing, they’re my favorite souvenir.

One thing that is nice about living near Walt Disney World is that no one will look twice at whatever I wear. They might judge me if I wear socks with sandals, but I can wear a shirt with a giant Darth Maul face and get compliments.

I don’t see quite as many people in the “29 and holding” crowd wearing character shirts elsewhere, but it does happen. I’ve also a few times received weird looks from the young’uns when they’ve seen me wearing a Star Wars t-shirt when I haven’t been near Disney. I guess they don’t realize that if my generation didn’t fall in love with the movie in 1977, their generation wouldn’t be watching The Mandalorian on Disney+.

This has nothing to do with what to wear, but I’m rambling today so I’ll include a true story. On my 40th birthday a coworker told me that it was time that I cut my hair. She said that I shouldn’t have long hair at my age. I told her that I’d think about it. I must still be thinking about it, because my hair is still long.

My point is this. Don’t let anyone tell you what you should or shouldn’t do, just because you reached a certain age. Rock that t-shirt, keep your hair long, and really go wild and wear socks with sandals! Life is too short to live by the standards of a stupid internet article. But I do agree with the part about getting more sleep…