A Few Words About Disney KiteTails

Hakuna Matata

Disney KiteTails officially debuted at Disney’s Animal Kingdom on October 1. I haven’t said much about it here. There’s a reason for that. I’ve now seen the show three times, and I’ve only seen one of the two stories. I’ve given up on my timing, and decided to just write about it anyway.

Disney KiteTails is a short show that takes place in the Rivers of Light Theater. It features, as you might have guessed, kites. But these aren’t just any old kites, they are gargantuan. They are operated by Cast Members on jet skis. I think I have a new dream job, but I digress.

I don’t know how they control the kites!

There are two stories that are told with KiteTails, or so I’ve heard. I have only seen The Lion King story. The other is a retelling of The Jungle Book.

The show is a lot of fun. While there are smaller kites, it’s the big ones on the jet skis that are the star.


While it is enjoyable to watch the kites soar, it is just as much fun to watch them land. Okay, land isn’t really the right word for it, they have to crash the large kites on the side. It isn’t anything that they can hide, and it’s become a part of the show. If you have very small children with you who might not understand, you might want to divert their gaze. Otherwise, it’s pretty funny.

Discovery Island Drummers

If you like Discovery Island Drummers as much as I do, you’ll want to be in your seat a few minutes before the show officially starts. They kick things off.

Don’t skip Disney KiteTails

Disney KiteTails is short. It’s such a short show that one of the three times that I saw it I watched outside of the theater because I knew I wouldn’t make it to a seat in time. There’s nothing wrong with that. Disney KiteTails won’t take up a huge chunk of your day, and you’ll leave with a smile on your face. Sounds like a win to me!