My Advice on Harmonious

Near the opening

Harmonious has been around for a week now, and I’ve been lucky enough to see it twice. I thought that it was about time that I shared my thoughts here, since reviews have been mixed.

The beginning of the fireworks

My number one piece of advice is to see this show twice if you can! The second time that I saw it I enjoyed it so much more. I knew what to expect, so I could truly appreciate it for the marvel that it is.

More fireworks

Also, don’t expect a show that feels like Epcot, if that makes sense. IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth was a show that felt like Epcot. Harmonious doesn’t have an Epcot theme, except that it showcases films that feature different cultures. There isn’t a real story.

Even more fireworks

Both times I’ve watched I was at the front of Epcot, in World Showcase Plaza. I’m not sure what the viewing is like in other areas. I was told by the show’s Executive Creative Director that you’ll have a decent view no matter where you stand. I think that it’s not a bad idea to have a good view of the Stargate (that’s what I call the circle in the middle, my inner geek comes out whenever I see it) because much of the show takes place there. Still, there is so much going on that you should be able to enjoy it anywhere around World Showcase.

The show is stunning

Remember that Harmonious is another Disney animated film projections show. That has been the major complaint from many people. That was what bothered me the first time that I saw it. But it’s a beautiful projections show. Sure, you’ll see some of the same movies that are featured at the Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Keep that in mind and just take it all in, because it is very well done. Enjoy the music as well, because the soundtrack is glorious.

Part of the finale

My final piece of advice is to not leave once it is over. There is an after-show that lasts for several minutes. There are no more fireworks, but there is plenty going on with the structures in the water. Many guests leave immediately, so the park will clear out a bit while you watch.

The after-show

The first time I saw Harmonious I thought it was a stunning show, but I was a bit disappointed because it didn’t feel like it belonged at Epcot. The second time I saw it, I knew what to expect and it blew me away. I hope to make it three times soon, because I have a feeling that I will love it more each time I see it.