Finding Nemo to Return in 2022!

Photo courtesy Disney Parks Blog 

Yesterday (September 13) a rumor was going around that Finding Nemo – The Musical would not return to Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Fortunately, Disney Parks Blog decided to address the issue, and has announced that the show is being reworked and will reopen in 2022! This is why you have to be careful with rumors. If I tell you something that has not been confirmed by Disney, I will let you know. I will also always try to remember to include a link to the source, so that you can check it out for yourself.

There haven’t been a lot of details released, but Disney Parks Blog did a quick update. The information is below. Here’s hoping that we’ll learn good news about Indiana Jones soon…


New Updated Finding Nemo Musical Coming to Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park in 2022

by Shawn Slater, Senior Communications Manager, Disney Live Entertainment

When my twin boys were little, “Nemo” was one of their first words. They loved the movie, and seeing it come to life at Disney’s Animal Kingdom would always put grins on their faces and a tear in my eye. “Finding Nemo — The Musical” has been delighting our guests since 2007, and I’m excited to tell you a reimagined show, based on the same beloved characters, will debut in 2022.

Although our Disney Live Entertainment team is still in the early stages of development for the show, the musical retelling of this underwater tale of family, friendship and kindness will feature new story material, as well as fan favorite songs such as “In the Big Blue World” and “Go with the Flow.”

Stay tuned to Disney Parks Blog for updates on this new show as we get closer to its debut next year.