Glasses and Rides

Be careful with your glasses!

I’ve worn glasses or contacts for most of my life because I’m nearsighted. When I head to one of the Walt Disney World theme parks I almost always wear my contacts, but I know that isn’t possible for everyone. What do you do with your glasses if you’re on a fast ride such as Test Track or Seven Dwarfs Mine Train? You want to be able to see, but you don’t want to lose your glasses!

For many people, a simple sports strap does the trick. All that you need to do is to attach it to the earpieces of your glasses and you should be good to go. Try it out on a couple of slower rides first, just to make sure that it is secure and comfortable.

I don’t use a sports strap. Instead, I have an extra pair of glasses that I will use on rides. I bought mine from Eye Buy Direct, but there are other places that sell glasses at a discount. If I need to wear my glasses on a ride, I’ll simply put on a pair that I bought for $6. If I lose them, it’s not that big of a loss. Once I’m off the ride I’ll switch back to my main pair of glasses. I know that not all prescriptions will work for cheap glasses, but it’s worth looking into.

If you take off your glasses to ride, make sure that you put them someplace that’s secure. If you try to hold them in your hand or place them in your shirt you might end up losing them. Your glasses need to be as secure as any other loose articles.

What do you do if you do lose your glasses on a ride? Let a Cast Member know the moment that you get off. It could be possible to get your glasses back immediately, depending on where they landed. That said, chances are that an entire ride will not be shut down just to get a pair of glasses. You might end up having to fill out a form, and then Disney will “contact” (pun intended) you when you are able to pick them up. Once again, it’s not a bad idea to have a backup pair. That way, you can enjoy the rest of your day and see clearly at the same time.