Unfounded Happily Ever After Rumor

We all want Happily Ever After to Return 

There is a rumor that I’ve heard several times today that Happily Ever After is going to return on July 21. Take this with a grain of salt. Until social distancing guidelines are gone and capacity is close to normal it is doubtful that a full fireworks show will take place at the Magic Kingdom. There just isn’t enough room on Main Street, U.S.A. to spread out.

The rumor stems from a Google search that someone did for Happily Ever After. Supposedly it gave July 21 as a return date. I searched on Google and did not get those results. I don’t know if Google ever did have July 21 as a return date, or if someone photoshopped a screenshot and then that was shared countless times.

As always, the best places to find information are the Walt Disney World website and Disney Parks Blog. Once fireworks return, we’ll hear about it from the official sources. Until then, if you’re looking for fireworks in Florida, you might want to visit either SeaWorld Orlando or Busch Gardens Tampa. Both have fireworks as part of their summer offerings.