January 2023

The Availability Calendar has been extended again! 

There has been a lot of concern lately because of the Availability Calendar. It has been extended so that people can make Disney Park Pass Reservations through January 14, 2023! Many had hoped that reservations would no longer be needed by then. I want to let you know, there is no reason to worry.

First, Disney is being careful. You can purchase a vacation package through the end of 2022, and if you book a vacation you are of course going to want to be able to visit the theme parks. Some will want to arrive on December 31, and stay for two weeks. People who like to plan that far in advance can now make sure that they will be able to visit the parks.

Also, we know that The World’s Most Magical Celebration will continue into 2023. The 50th Anniversary observance is expected to last for 18 months! People who are planning a visit towards the end of the festivities will want to know that they can get reservations. I’m almost surprised that the Availability Calendar stops when it does. It easily could have been extended for the full 18 months.

There is one thing that you need to keep in mind. It is easier to have a reservation system in place and then remove it than to have to add the system back at a later date. Also, I would be surprised if capacity remains at 35 percent the entire time. As COVID-19 numbers go down and travel increases, capacity will most likely be raised again.

While I miss the spontaneity, I think that the Disney Park Pas Reservation System has mostly been a good thing. I’d much rather know before I head out that I can get into the park than to arrive and discover that it is at capacity. That has been a problem for many at Universal Orlando Resort. It’s nice to know that I won’t be turned away at Walt Disney World, as long as I have a reservation.