My Epcot Monorail Theory

There’s still no monorail to Epcot 

One thing that has been missing since the Walt Disney World theme parks reopened is the monorail to Epcot. Many people thought that it wasn’t running because there was no Park Hopping. When that returned on January 1, there was still no monorail to Epcot. Many people say that it’s a cost cutting measure, but I think that it’s something much simpler than that.

Capacity has increased on the MK monorail 

Let me state right off that this is just a theory on my part. There is no official word from Disney. My theory is that the Epcot monorail isn’t running because Disney is using more trains to get people to the Magic Kingdom. That is the primary focus right now. If you’re at the Transportation & Ticket Center, you’ll notice that the monorails are coming and going quickly. One will pull out and another one will be there in just a few minutes.  They were never that fast before the shutdown. I think that the monorails aren’t running to Epcot because of the extra trains to the Magic Kingdom. If those trains are moved back over to Epcot, then people will wait longer to get to the MK.

Each party is given a section number 

This could all change at some point. The monorails to the Magic Kingdom have increased capacity by including more barriers. Instead of one party per seat, there can now be two, meaning that more people can make it to the  Magic Kingdom in a shorter amount of time.

The barriers keep parties apart 

Honestly, though, I don’t expect to see the  Epcot monorail running while capacity is still reduced. Walt Disney World has provided other ways for guests who want to Park Hop to get to Epcot. Riding a Disney bus might not be as iconic as riding the monorail,  but the important thing is that you get there.