Confusion About Annual Pass Sales

My pass gets a lot of use…

The other day I told you that Disneyland is refunding existing Annual Passholders, and that their current program is being suspended. That has caused a lot of confusion here on the East Coast. Let me state right off, the Disneyland announcement has nothing to do with Walt Disney World. It’s a totally different situation.

I was watching the local news last night, and they announced that Walt Disney World is no longer selling Annual Passes. (This wasn’t the first time I’ve heard it lately.) There were two things wrong with what they said. First, this is nothing new. Walt Disney World has not sold Annual Passes since they shut down back in March. Second, the information was not correct. Disney isn’t selling new Annual Passes, but current Passholders are able to renew. At Disneyland, renewing isn’t possible.

While new Annual Passes aren’t available right now, I would be shocked if they aren’t sold again. I do think that we won’t see them available until the capacity limit has been removed, but that’s a guess on my part. Disney hasn’t even hinted that they are doing away with Annual Passes in Florida. Anyone who is trying to get you to think otherwise is doing it for shock value.