Hidden Millennium Falcon?

The non-hidden Millennium Falcon 

You hear a lot about Hidden Mickeys at Walt Disney World. Sometimes you might also find a Hidden Minnie, Donald, or other characters. Did you know that there’s a Hidden Millennium Falcon in Galaxy’s Edge? I’ve heard that it’s only on Batuu East, but I’m not 100 percent sure about that so don’t quote me.

Look here, under the cockpit 

The Hidden Millennium Falcon is not easy to find. I looked several times before I finally found it, and I knew where to look. It is tiny! Here’s my guide for finding this true hidden gem.

This is the area where you need to look 

Not surprisingly, the Hidden Millennium Falcon is located on the Millennium Falcon. If the line is long and it’s outside you might not have a chance to get close enough to see it. If the line is indoors, you should be able to look.

See it yet? 

Head towards the cockpit. On the rounded part underneath it there is some grating. Look all the way down that for a long pipe. The Hidden Millennium Falcon is wedged in behind that pipe. You can’t see the entire thing, just the two points at the front. It’s still a cool find.

The Hidden Millennium Falcon! 

That’s one of the things that I love about Galaxy’s Edge. There are little extras everywhere that most people will never notice. I guess that’s true about all of Walt Disney World. The Imagineers often put in little touches that will put a smile on their own faces. It’s nice when one of those things can put a smile on our faces as well.