My Favorite 2020 Holiday Offering at Disney Springs

It’s no surprise to anyone who knows me that the Star Wars tree is my favorite

Two years ago during the holidays I spent a few days talking about my favorite things about the holidays around Walt Disney World. My list would have been mostly the same for 2019. The 2020 Christmas season looks quite different than the past few years! All of my favorites from the past have been either modified or were canceled this year. I thought that it might be fun to rewrite the list this year, since 2020 is a year unlike any other.

I’m going to start with Disney Springs. My choice two years ago was The Christmas Tree Trail. It was fun to walk through the trees while snoap fell and think about each story as I looked at the trees.

My favorite at Disney Springs this year is The Christmas Tree Stroll. It’s similar to The Christmas Tree Trail. There still are a dozen decorated trees, but they are located throughout Disney Springs. There is added fun this year. You can pick up a map and match the trees with the stickers. You can then turn the map in for a prize. It’s just a button, but the whole thing is free. Who doesn’t like free souvenirs?

In some ways, I like The Christmas Tree Stroll better than The Christmas Tree Trail. There were more trees before, but the old way wasn’t perfect. The trail could get very crowded! The trees were positioned in such a way that you would have to wait to get a picture. Now, you can walk around most of the trees. If people are taking a picture in one spot, you can walk to the back of the tree for your picture. Since the trees span all of Disney Springs, the crowd from past years isn’t there.

I think that The Christmas Tree Stroll is a great alternative. When I’ve been there the trees haven’t attracted a crowd, and making the whole thing a scavenger hunt was a great idea. The Christmas Tree Stroll really helps me to get excited for Christmas.

Here’s my 2020 favorite at Disney’s Animal Kingdom , Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Epcot, and the Magic Kingdom.