Some Advice for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

The Millennium Falcon

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will open on August 29 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida. It is already open at Disneyland Park in California. I have been to the Disneyland version, both as an invited media guest (representing Disney Dining) and also as a guest with a reservation. (Reservations are required at Disneyland through June 23.) The new land exceeds expectations, and I was expecting a lot! We don’t know yet for sure how things are going to be handled in Florida, but Disney does claim to have a plan for crowd control. I was impressed by how well things went with the reservations at Disneyland, and I was part of the first group on opening day! Here are a few bits of advice for when you visit.

Dok-Ondar sells lightsabers if you can’t get on at Savi’s

If you plan to build a lightsaber in Savi’s Workshop, do that first thing. That was the only place I didn’t visit during my trip to California, the line was too long. Savi’s is small, and it is an immersive experience. Reservations could be needed to get inside. Expect Savi’s to have a line.

Oga’s Cantina will be crowded!

The other place that will have a line is Oga’s Cantina. It is so cool inside, but it is also small. There are both alcoholic and nonalcoholic specialties. Rex, the pilot from the original Star Tours, is the DJ. Disney might limit the amount of time you can spend inside, and there could be a two drink maximum.

The view from the Falcon cockpit

Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run is fantastic! The line moved quickly, and every inch screams Star Wars. Have your camera out after you have been given your assignment, because you will only have a minute to get pictures at the Dejarik table. Pilot is the most active position, but you probably won’t get it. (I never did, and I rode four times.) The ride got better each time I rode it. Be warned that it can be a bumpy ride. If you have a problem with motion sickness, try to be an engineer. That’s the farthest job from the screen, and you’ll have the best chance to look away if you start to feel it a little too much. Motion sickness doesn’t bother me, this advice is from others.

Ride warnings for Smugglers Run

Stop by Droid Depot, even if you don’t plan to build a droid. It has a fun atmosphere. You also need to visit Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities, just because it’s cool. There are some really interesting items for sale in there! The Market (or Marketplace) is also awesome. Get a drink from the water fountain at some point. It’s the best water fountain ever!

Blue and Green Milk sign

Try the Blue or Green Milk, but don’t expect it to be like the movies. Think of it as a smoothie that is made out of the milk that you see in the movies. Both versions are plant based, made with rice and coconut milks. I preferred the Blue, but that’s personal opinion. I suspect that the milks are going to be very refreshing at the end of August in Florida, since both flavors are frozen.

This is where Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance will be

Just because Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance is not yet open does not mean that you should skip the Resistance Camp. It will take you deeper into Star Wars, and you might see a familiar face or two. Enjoy this part of the land while you can, because once the ride is open people will flock here.

Vi Moradi

My main piece of advice is to play along! I had a great time talking to Villagers, who warned me that the First Order was in the area, or even just said “bright suns” (good morning) with a smile. In California there’s a great character named Vi Moradi. She was sneaking around the land, trying to see what the First Order was up to. My daughter and I had a great (and intense) conversation with her. She gave us a secret code and the reply. The actress who played the part on opening day was fantastic! Then again, it wasn’t really an actress, it was a Resistance fighter named Vi Moradi, who was trying to see what the First Order was up to. That’s what Galaxy’s Edge is all about. It lets you really live your Star Wars story.