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Are Disney Cruises Just for Families With Kids?

There are fun touches for all ages

Most Walt Disney World fans know that the resort is not just for kids, it is for the kid in all of us. While you’ll of course find plenty of families, you’ll also find honeymooners, senior citizens, groups of young adults, and everything in between. That’s why I’m kind of surprised that so many people think that cruises on Disney Cruise Line are only for families with kids. Nothing could be further from the truth. A Disney Cruise Line vacation is for both the kid and the adult in you.

The adult pool on the Disney Fantasy

Recently I was part of a media group that toured the Disney Fantasy. I was covering it for Disney Dining. Our tour was primarily about the adult only areas. There are nightclubs, adult pools, restaurants, a full service spa, and other experiences. These are all for those 18 and older. You can read my writeup about the various offerings on the Disney Fantasy here.

The kid in me always comes out when Mickey is around!

When Disney recently hosted my husband, our adult daughter, and me for our first ever cruise, we did not for one moment feel as if we were in the middle of a kids’ zone. It was the best family vacation that we’ve ever had. We weren’t the only adults in line for the character greetings, and there was so much else to do that we barely scratched the surface. It was a great mix of ages and activities. It was incredible.

THIS is paradise

Even Castaway Cay has an area just for adults. Serenity Bay is beautiful, quiet, and kids are not allowed. It has its own food area, which also has a relaxed pace. Serenity Bay is the definition of paradise.

Remy is the ultimate adult dining experience

I think there are two reasons why people assume that Disney Cruise Line is just for people with kids, besides the fact that it’s Disney. First, there are no casinos. That was fine with me. I’m not a big gambler anyway, so I didn’t feel as if I was missing out on anything. The second reason is because it is well known that the kids clubs on all four Disney Cruise Line ships are amazing. The kids have a blast! I personally think the kids clubs are designed just as much for the adults as the children. The kids are busy, safe, and happy, so the adults can go do what they want. It’s a win for everyone.

Adults get the comfy chairs

If you’re on the fence about whether you should try a Disney cruise because you want a more adult experience, I say go for it. Check for dates when schools are in session, there will be fewer children on those cruises. On a Disney cruise you will experience great food, fantastic entertainment, incredible views, and the best service ever. You will not feel as if you’re on a kids’ cruise at all.