My Christmas Must-Do: Disney Springs (and Sunday Savings Series) Version

Snow White Tree

Since I’ve been writing a series on Sundays about saving money, I thought that I’d combine that with my must-do list for Christmas that I started yesterday. The perfect way to combine the two is with a trip to Disney Springs.

Four Parks Tree

My Christmas must-do at Disney Springs is the Christmas Tree Trail. This is in its third year, and it has grown so much! I remember the first time that we went thinking, “that was nice”, but now it has turned into a full attraction in its own right.

Star Wars Tree

With the Christmas Tree Trail, there are 27 themed trees. The themes include Cinderella, 101 Dalmatians, Snow White, Haunted Mansion, and (my favorite, big surprise) Star Wars. There’s also a Four Parks tree and a Disney Springs Tree.

Let it snoap!

Snoap falls as you walk along the trail, but it’s sporadic and not overwhelming. It’s actually a nice touch. Santa’s Chalet is also there and he’s greeting through December 24. I’m sure that the wait for Santa is nuts this close to Christmas, but it’s a virtual queue. You can do something else while you wait for your turn.

Santa Greets through December 24

The best part of the Christmas Tree Trail is that it is free. (That’s why this is part of my Sunday Savings Series.) No admission fee of any type is required. Parking at Disney Springs is free as well, which makes this even more of a must-do.

Haunted Mansion Tree 

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