It’s WALT Disney World

WALT Disney World entrance

One thing that you probably have not noticed when I write either here or for Disney Dining is that I will always say “Walt Disney World”. Sure, sometimes I’ll write just “Disney”, but if I use the name, I’ll use the whole thing. I won’t shorten it to “Disney World”. (Okay, I did there, but that’s beside the point.) There is a reason why. It’s all about respect.

Walter Elias Disney did not live to see his vision here in Florida become a reality. In fact, he died almost five years before the first guests passed through the gates at the Magic Kingdom. Originally it was going to be called Disney World, but Roy Disney changed the name to Walt Disney World as a tribute to his late brother. I personally like to keep that tribute going when I write.

When you think about it, Walt Disney changed many aspects of this world that we live in now. He changed entertainment, theme parks, and a good part of the state of Florida! People come from around the globe to experience the resort that was started by his vision. He has inspired countless people to dream big and to work hard to make that dream a reality. He also taught us that there is no such thing as failure as long as we learn from it. I’m one of the people who he has inspired.

Walt Disney has been gone for over 50 years, yet his vision lives on. He continues to make my life exciting. The least that I can do to thank him is to call what we have here in Florida by its proper name. That’s why you’ll always see me calling it Walt Disney World. I want to continue with Roy Disney’s tribute, out of respect.