Two Pieces of Christmas News

They’re adding lasers to Sunset Seasons Greetings

I attended a Christmas in July media event on July 20, 2018 for You can read my full report here. Since I’ve been talking about the upcoming holidays here quite a bit, I thought I’d share two pieces of news with you.

First is some news about Disney Springs. I’ve mentioned the Christmas Tree Trail, this year it will be bigger than ever. It is going to expand to 25 trees, which is five more than last year. The new trees will be:

Haunted Mansion

Star Wars

Four Parks

Nordic Winter

Mickey and Minnie Nostalgia

The Christmas Tree Trail is a great way to get into the holiday mood. If you’re going to be in Central Florida during the season you will want to stop by.

The second piece of news has to do with Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Lasers are being added to Sunset Seasons Greetings! This will add new effects to the projections show, plus add more colors because they’re using multicolored lasers. There are two smaller pieces of Christmas news for the park. Toy Story Land will receive a Christmas overlay, which will include holiday music. Echo Lake was decorated for the holidays last year, and this year it will be even more spectacular, since the number of Echo Lake decorations will triple.

Hearing about what Walt Disney World has planned for the holidays makes me excited for the Christmas season. If you’ve never been, make this the year!