Ten Second Tip: Beyond Burger

Beyond Burger is listed as “Grilled Vegetable Burger” at Liberty Inn 

If you’re vegetarian like I am or just want to watch the amount of red meat that you consume, there is a great option that you should try. Beyond Burger has been added to the menu in several locations at Walt Disney World, and that number is growing. In the parks you can find it at Epcot’s Liberty Inn, ABC Commissary at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Lottawatta Lodge at Disney’s Blizzard Beach. Beyond Burger mimics the look, texture, and taste of meat, but it’s 100 percent plant based. It’s often listed as “Plant Based Burger” or “Vegetable Burger” on the menu. If you’re vegan, always ask about the bun and any toppings.

2 thoughts on “Ten Second Tip: Beyond Burger

  1. Oh gosh. I tried one of the plant based burgers at Port Orleans in January. Sorry to say I thought it was awful. I really wanted to like it but 2 bites was all I could manage. I’m just trying to cut back on meat consumption. I would have liked to like it, as I like veggie burgers and black bean burgers.

    1. Thanks for your comment! Honestly, it’s hit or miss with Beyond. I think it depends on who cooked it. My favorite is at Epcot, I have never had a bad one there. You might also want to look for Impossible if you’re trying to cut back on meat. It’s not available in as many places, but the list is growing.

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