The First Good-to-Go Days

Which park would you start at without a reservation?

While Disney Park Pass Reservations are no longer used for date based tickets, they are still required for Annual Passholders. Walt Disney World promised us Good-to-Go Days, when even Annual Passholders don’t have to worry about picking a first park and scanning in. Good-to-Go Days for Annual Passholders are now live. Here is what I’ve figured out so far.

Screenshot for the Walt Disney World mobile site

If you look at the Admission Calendar, you’ll notice that some days have a circle around them. Those are Good-to-Go Days. So far, they don’t seem to be like Bonus Reservations, which were just for one specific park. The Good-to-Go Days that are listed are for all four theme parks. Here’s the link to the Admission Calendar for the Disney Incredi Pass. If you have a different pass, just change it at the top. Choose “All Parks” to see the dates for all four theme parks.

There is an option to see just the Good-to-Go Days. Right under the name of your pass and above the calendar are the words “View All ‘Reservation Not Required’ Dates” and a link. That will produce a popup, which will list Good-to-Go Days by park. This makes me wonder if the system is set so that Good-to-Go Days will sometimes be only for specific parks. I guess we’ll find out when the crowds pick up this summer.

Screenshot for the Walt Disney World mobile site

The first Good-to-Go Day is January 16. In this round they’re listed through February 1, so they’re posting them a little over two weeks ahead of time. It’s also worth noting that there are currently no days on the entire calendar when any of the four parks have no reservations available.

There has been no word that I’ve heard on whether or not Walt Disney World will still use Bonus Reservations for Annual Passholders. For those who don’t know, Annual Passholders can hold between three and five reservations at one time, depending on the type of pass. Bonus Reservations don’t count in that, but they are also park specific. Since there are no Bonus Reservations currently on the Admission Calendar, I think they’re probably a thing of the past.

Screenshot for the Walt Disney World mobile site

While I wish that Annual Passholders didn’t need Disney Park Pass Reservations at all, this is at least something. I hope that more Good-to-Go Days are added in the future, because right now there are only six.