Fall at Walt Disney World

It’s the fall, it’s the fall, it’s the fall

Fall is here! So what does that mean at Walt Disney World, and in Central Florida in general? At the moment, not really all that much.

At the beginning of fall you can still expect hot, humid conditions on your Walt Disney World vacation. The average daily temperature at the end of September is in the upper 80s, and the daily storms have not yet ended.

September and early October are also the height of the Hurricane Season, which means that you need to check the weather forecast several days before you leave home. Don’t let Hurricane Season in general change your plans, chances are that there won’t be a storm on your vacation. It’s still best to keep an eye on the tropics and follow an Orlando area TV station so that you can find out if there is anything that you need to know about. I’ve noticed that national weather outlets tend to be more dramatic than local when it comes to storms. Yes, I’m talking about The Weather Channel.

October is kind of a strange month in Central Florida. You could get just about anything, especially in the second half of the month! Most likely it will still be hot during the day, but the evenings are more bearable. There could be all day rain, or it might go several days without raining at all.

The temperatures and weather that people move to Florida for could show up in November. Or it could be hot. December is usually the same way. November is the final month of the Hurricane Season, but most November storms don’t make landfall.

If you love fall foliage, you’re out of luck in Florida. We just don’t have it here! I grew up in Massachusetts, and that’s one thing I truly miss. (Snow is a different story!) There is plenty of color, flowers bloom all year long, but to this New Englander it isn’t the same.

Just because it doesn’t feel like fall temperature-wise doesn’t mean that it doesn’t feel like fall in other ways! You’ll find pumpkin spice and other fall flavors in many places. The decorations at the Magic Kingdom make more sense once fall has officially started. There are also a few decorations at Disney Springs.

Speaking of pumpkins (well, I sort of mentioned them) on September 29 you can participate in Pluto’s Pumpkin Pursuit at Epcot. It’s a scavenger hunt that runs through October 31. It’s your typical scavenger hunt; you’ll buy a map, look for decorated pumpkins, place the corresponding stickers on the map, and then turn it in for a keepsake. If you don’t find all the pumpkins don’t worry, you can still claim your prize.

Happy fall, no matter where you are! It won’t be long before I’m adding pictures of the Christmas decorations to the Disney Over 50 Facebook and Instagram pages.