When Will Fireworks Return?

Harmonious is going to be awesome

One of the most common questions that guests or potential guests have right now is when will fireworks return to Walt Disney World? The second part is similar; where will they first return? There has been no official word from Disney on the return of fireworks, but I thought that I’d share my educated guess. Keep in mind that my educated guesses are often wrong…

I’ll start with the where. Out of the three parks that have fireworks, only one would really be able to support them with the current safety guidelines. I’m talking about Epcot. It would be possible to set viewing areas along World Showcase. If you’ve been to SeaWorld Orlando when they have had fireworks, you might have noticed large squares or circles that mark the ground. Those are for socially distanced fireworks. Epcot could have a similar plan, there’s the most room for it because the fireworks are set off in World Showcase Lagoon. There are great viewing areas throughout World Showcase, there isn’t a spot that has the best view.

The bad news is that I doubt we’ll see fireworks at either the Magic Kingdom or Disney’s Hollywood Studios anytime soon. The way that the fireworks are set in those two parks draws a crowd at the front. It would be next to impossible to keep socially distant, even at limited capacity. The crowds that gathered near Cinderella Castle during the holiday season showed that keeping six feet apart is not all that important to many guests. If they can’t do it for a quick castle transformation, they aren’t going to do Happily Ever After. The clog is even worse at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, because you can’t even see the fireworks if you aren’t on Hollywood Boulevard. I don’t expect to see fireworks at Disney’s Hollywood Studios again until there is no capacity limit.

There could be some good news, though. Again, this is not official, it’s just my guess. I think that plans are in the works for the opening of Harmonious. I would not be surprised if the show debuts on October 1. That is of course Walt Disney’s World’s 50th Anniversary, and it is also Epcot’s 39th Anniversary. Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure will open that day, and I would not be surprised if the day ends with the new show.

Then again, it could be that Disney wants to wait until the capacity limit is gone and social distancing is no longer needed before fireworks return. October 1 is going to be a busy day at Walt Disney World, and they might not want to take any chances. Disney has proven that the safety of guests and Cast Members is a top priority. Fireworks will not return until they believe that it will be safe.