A Quick 101 Rundown of the Disney Skyliner

This is the line to and from Disney’s Hollywood Studios

The Disney Skyliner has been operational for several months now, but there is still a lot of confusion. People do not know where it goes or even what the lines are. I have seen several people say that you can take the Disney Skyliner directly from Epcot to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. While you can take the Skyliner from one park to the other, it is not direct, you have to change lines. I thought that it might not be a bad idea to give a short 101 on the Disney Skyliner.

There are three different lines on the Disney Skyliner. All three of them stop at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort. This is where you will find the Central Hub of the transportation system. You can get on or off any of the three lines here.

I’ll start with the line to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, because it is probably the easiest line to explain. It runs directly between Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. There are no other stops, so if you want to head somewhere else you will need to change lines.

The other theme park line is the one that will take you to Epcot. This line does have one stop. If you are headed to Epcot, it will first stop at Disney’s Riviera Resort. Then it will take you to Epcot. If you get on at Epcot, you will stop at Disney’s Riviera Resort, and then at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort. There is a turn at Disney’s Boardwalk on this line, but you cannot get on or off there.

The final line is the one that will take you over Hourglass Lake. This one confuses some people. Disney’s Art of Animation Resort and Disney’s Pop Century Resort share a station. You will get to the station by taking a walking bridge from either resort. The line runs only to Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort. If headed to a theme park, you will need to get out at Caribbean Beach and take a different line.

The good news about Disney’s Skyliner is that everything is clearly labeled. There is little chance that you will get on the wrong line, and if you do just head back to Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort and change lines.

Disney’s Skyliner is easy to use, convenient, and a lot of fun to ride. It is open to all, although Disney does reserve the right to restrict parking at the Skyliner Resorts. If you just want to ride, I’d suggest parking at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. You could park at Epcot, but you would have to walk through the park to get to the station. The Disney’s Hollywood Studios station is located right next to the parking lot. You won’t have to enter the park if you park there.

As far as parking at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort and riding is concerned, you can try if you want. Tell the Security Guard in the booth that you want to ride. He or she may let you park, or you might be instructed to park elsewhere. Please do not lie to Security about why you are there. I have a couple of friends who work in Security. They know all the tricks and the lies, and if too many people are dishonest Disney will have to change the policies for everyone.