How It Started for Me

This was the map from my first trip to Disneyland

Here at Disney Over 50, I like to share tips and information that I hope will help those who read it. Today, I’d like to go in a slightly different direction. I’m feeling kind of sentimental at the moment, and if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you will soon know why.

Everyone who considers themselves a Disney fan has their own story on how they first fell in love with Disney. For me it goes back to when I was nine years old. My family and I would take a summer vacation that would coincide with the annual convention that my father would attend for work. When I was nine, the convention was in Las Vegas, and we decided to visit California as well.

Part of that trip was my first visit to Disneyland. It was back in the days when you would buy a book of A, B, C, D, and E tickets, and you would then be able to ride something with the same letter as your ticket. I honestly don’t remember everything that we rode, but I do know that it was the best day of my young life. It also started my fear of large roller coasters because I loved Big Thunder Mountain Railroad so much, but that’s a story for another day. If ever.

Looking back, the details don’t really matter all that much. I don’t remember long lines or complaints about the price of food. I just remember that I was with my family, and that we all had a lot of fun. That was when the Disney magic started for me. It continues to this day, and I hope it never leaves me.