Fire and Ice

Smoking will soon be banned from inside the parks

Yesterday I told you that Walt Disney World and Disneyland are going to start enforcing the wagon and stroller policies that are on their website. Today I’d like to tell you about two other changes.

Starting May 1, smoking will no longer be allowed within the Walt Disney World theme parks, water parks, or ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. (It will also not be allowed inside the two Disneyland theme parks or at Downtown Disney in California.) There will be designated smoking areas outside of the theme parks, and also at Disney Springs. There will also be smoking areas at the Walt Disney World Resort hotels. Remember that vaping is considered smoking.

Please do not start a debate about smoking either way here. I have strong opinions that I will not share, I just wanted to give you the information. All I ask is that if you are a smoker, please obey the new rule. If you are not a smoker, please don’t gloat.

Another rule that you will want to know is already in effect. You are no longer allowed to bring in loose ice or dry ice. If you have a cooler, gel packs and reusable ice packs are fine. You can also ask for ice at Guest Services once you arrive in the park. If the ice is for drinking, just ask for a free cup of ice water at any counter service location.

I know that it is going to take time for some people to get used to these rules, and I am sure that there will be plenty of complaints. That said, please just be respectful of these rules and also the stroller and wagon rules. Disney is not trying to make things harder for anyone. They are trying to make it easier for the majority.