A Few Words About the Recent Ticket Price Increase

It now costs more to get into the parksĀ 

On March 12, Walt Disney World quietly raised their ticket prices. With the announcement of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opening on August 29, it’s not really a surprise. I’m not going to break down the prices, if you’re interested in the specifics the information can be found on the Walt Disney World website. Instead, I’d like to talk a bit about why prices have gone up.

It is no coincidence that the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge was announced less than a week before prices went up. If The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando Resort was an example, there will be fans who show up just for one day. Without a doubt, one day tickets are not the way to visit Walt Disney World. The price per day goes down the more days you buy. If you buy a ten day ticket, you could pay under $50 per day! That certainly sounds a lot better than the $159 for a one day ticket December 25 through the end of the year.

Speaking of Christmas Week, I am convinced that the prices for the busiest week of the year are in part for crowd control. Things are always crazy at that time of year, and since Galaxy’s Edge will be open (and both rides should be running) it is going to be even more insane. I honestly believe that Disney is pricing tickets high enough so that some people will reconsider visiting that week. If one out of one hundred people spends Christmas Week elsewhere because of the cost of tickets at Walt Disney World, it will make a difference in the crowd level, but Disney will still make the same amount of money.

A Walt Disney World vacation can still be affordable. The 4-Park Magic Tickets are still for sale on the Walt Disney World website, and those can be used through September 30. That’s a deal ticket if you want to visit all four parks. If your trip is at the end of August or through September, you’ll be able to visit Galaxy’s Edge. There are also deals and small savings to be found. Just because Disney raised ticket prices does not mean that your vacation is now out of reach, but you might want to find a different place to celebrate Christmas…