The Return of the Florida Resident Discovery Tickets

It’s great to be a Florida resident! 

There are many benefits to being a Florida resident. We get to save on Annual Passes, but not everyone wants (or can afford) such a ticket. For some people, a few days in the parks is enough. That is what the Florida Resident Discovery Tickets are all about. These popular tickets are back for 2019.

With a Florida Resident Discovery Ticket, you can enjoy three days in the parks for $175, or four for $195 (prices don’t include tax). Park Hopper is not included. The tickets can be purchased through June 27, and are valid for admission through June 30, 2019.

Proof of Florida residency is required. You can’t text your friend who lives in Florida and ask him to pick up some tickets for you. Believe me, Disney knows all of the tricks. That said, becoming a Florida resident is one of the best decisions that I ever made. If you want to be able to tell what time it is because you hear Disney fireworks in the distance, there’s a house one street over that’s for sale. It has a pool…