A Decent Sneak Peek

Don’t rush by Walt Disney Presents! 

One of my favorite hidden gems at Walt Disney World is Walt Disney Presents. The word “hidden” isn’t really accurate, because it’s right out there in the open. I guess that “ignored gem” would be a better description. People tend to ignore it as they rush by on their way to Toy Story Land.

Inside Walt Disney Presents you’ll find a museum that is dedicated to the man himself and also the empire that bears his name. This is where you can see the partial model for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. There has been a meet and greet in the back, but that is currently closed. None of those things are what I want to talk to you about today. Walt Disney Presents is also a great place to get a sneak peek at a current or soon to be released Disney movie.

What is nice about the glimpse of the film is that it is not just another trailer. You will be able to watch about ten minutes or so of the movie. If it is a movie that you are excited about, it will help your anticipation to grow. If you are unsure about the movie, this could help you to make up your mind. The sneak peek runs continuously throughout the day, and a Cast Member will make an announcement before it starts so you won’t miss it.

As I write this, the movie that is featured is The Nutcracker and the Four Realms. That will continue to run until November 1. On November 2, everyone’s favorite big guy will take over when the sneak peek changes to Ralph Breaks the Internet.

If there’s no sneak peek, the theater doesn’t remain empty. A 15 minute film on the life of Walt Disney will be shown instead. It is narrated by Julie Andrews, and it is definitely worth your time.