DiVine, a True Hidden Gem

DiVine can be hard to spot 

One of the most unique experiences that you might encounter at Disney’s Animal Kingdom is known as DiVine. She is the definition of “hidden gem”, because most people rush past her and don’t even notice her. DiVine is a 16 foot tall vine who interacts with guests. Some people might say that she’s a woman in costume on stilts, but where’s the fun in that?

DiVine shows off her acrobatic skills 

There are two different places where you might encounter DiVine. I’ve heard several times that she is often in the area right between Asia and Africa. I personally have never seen her there. Whenever I’ve seen DiVine, she’s been in the Oasis area when I’ve first entered the park. She’s been on the right side as I face the Tree of Life.

Many people don’t even notice DiVine 

The times when DiVine is out are not listed in the Times Guide or on the My Disney Experience App, so finding her is sometimes hit or miss. Ask a Cast Member if he or she knows when and where DiVine might be appearing. If you do see her, remember that she does not speak and she does not sign autographs. She also does not do traditional character pictures, although you can snap a few of yourself near her.