Share Some Love

Leave Cast Member compliments at Guest Relations 

Walt Disney World Cast Members do not have it easy. Many people have unrealistic expectations of what their vacations should be like, and when something goes wrong they will take it out on the nearest employee. Most of the Cast Members that you will see have no input on how much T-shirts will cost or what will be on a restaurant’s menu. They can’t control the weather, and they can’t make the lines shorter. Still, people yell at them all the time because of things that they can’t control.

The worst incident of Cast Member abuse that I’ve seen was a woman who was upset that she wasn’t allowed on a bus. The bus was full, and she was next in line. She decided to file a complaint against the driver, even though our whole bus backed him up because he hadn’t done anything wrong. Our bus had to wait about half an hour because they needed to change drivers, all because a woman was upset about a Cast Member who was following the rules and keeping everyone safe.

Not all Cast Members are exemplary. You’ll see plenty who seem bored or who obviously would rather be elsewhere. There are some, though, who truly love creating the magic. When you run across a Cast Member who has put a smile on your face, share some love and let Disney know about it.

My favorite way to leave a compliment for a Cast Member is to stop by Guest Relations at the front of the park. If possible, try to get the name of the Cast Member and where he or she is from (it should be on their name tag). Tell them at Guest Relations that you want to leave a compliment, and they will walk you through it. They will show you a picture of the Cast Member so that you will know that the right person will receive the compliment.

If I don’t leave the compliment in the park, I’ll do it when I get home through the Walt Disney World website. It’s easy enough to do, just go to the Help Center, and choose the email link. It says “send us a question” but you can also leave a remark. Include the name of the Cast Member, where he or she is from, where they work, and what made the experience so special. They will make sure that the right people get a copy of your compliment. You can do this days after your special magic took place, it doesn’t have to be the day of. Try to provide as many details as possible.

A third way to leave a compliment for a Cast Member is through Facebook. There’s a page called Disney Guest Compliments for Cast Members where you can leave your experience and even a picture if you’d like. I personally don’t leave compliments this way because it’s a little too public for me, and I like to know that Disney got it. Still, it’s an option if you’d like another way to share the love.

Even if you don’t leave a compliment, be nice to the Cast Members. It never hurts to say “thank you” and “have a great day”, even if someone wasn’t the most pleasant to you. We never know what someone else is going through.