A Few Words About Maps

Your map is the key to your day

Your park map is your key to getting the most out of a day at Walt Disney World. The map will help you to know what is where, and the best way to get there. Even if you use the My Disney Experience App, you will want to have a map for quick and easy access. Here are a few words about maps that will hopefully make your vacation go a little bit smoother.


You can find maps at the entrances to all of the theme parks. If you forget to grab one or you lose it, don’t worry, you don’t have to go back to the front. Most stores have maps at the registers so you can easily pick up another one without having to backtrack.

Meeting Spot

How do you keep track of your party? 

Do not think that one map will be enough for your party. You will want to grab several. Make sure that all of the adults have one, so everyone will know where to go if you decide to head in different directions. Use the map to pick your meeting spot so that you will all be able to visualize it. Also pick a meeting spot on the map in case you get separated by accident.


The maps are paper, and they don’t hold up well in the rain. If there is a chance of showers or thunderstorms (which there probably will be) grab a couple extras and stick them in a plastic bag so that they won’t get wet. When the rain comes and you decide that it’s a good time to get lunch indoors, you’ll have dry maps to help you plan your next move. You also won’t have to look for a store so you can get another one.


If you’re traveling with kids, give each child a map of the park you’re about to visit in the morning as you’re trying to get ready. Then put Must Do Disney on the TV. The kids can match what Stacey is talking about to the map, and you can get ready in relative peace.


International Guide Maps are found near a park’s entrance 

If English isn’t your first language, park maps are also available in French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish. Check the rack at the front of the park, or stop by Guest Relations.

Google Maps

This tip isn’t about the physical maps, it’s about the map that is found on the My Disney Experience App. I’ve been told that using Google Maps is easier than using the map on the app. I haven’t tried this myself (I don’t usually use the app for the map) but this advice came from someone who had just spent several days in the parks. If you try to use the app while you’re there and don’t like the map, switch over to Google Maps and see if it’s easier.

Times Guide

Don’t forget to pick up a Times Guide as well. Times of shows can change from one week to the next, and you want to have the most recent information. It’s easier to quickly look for the information on the Times Guide than to use the My Disney Experience App. Times Guides are available right next to the park maps.