Waiting in Line

You won’t see this in the FastPass+ line!

I just took a quick look at Wait Times on the My Disney Experience App, and I noticed that there are currently six rides at Walt Disney World that have a wait of an hour or longer. The Avatar Flight of Passage wait is over two hours! What do you do if you need to wait in a line that long? How do you pass the time?

Some of the rides have interactive queues. These can help to make the wait go faster. Space Mountain, for example, has a game that groups can play while waiting. The best interactive queue is arguably for Dumbo the Flying Elephant. You’ll receive a pager so you’ll know when it’s your turn to ride. Any kids in your party can play circus, while you sit down and enjoy the air conditioning.

Disney is all about details, so if you have to wait pay attention to your surroundings. The queue for Avatar Flight of Passage is themed every inch of the way. You’ll start outside and get a fantastic view of the Valley of Mo’ara below. Once you enter the building, you’ll wind through a cave, and eventually end up in a research lab. These are things you won’t see if you are in the FastPass+ line! Even classic rides can have plenty of details. The queue for Peter Pan’s Flight, for example, was updated not all that long ago. It now winds through the Darling house. Also keep your eyes open for Hidden Mickeys in any line. They are everywhere!

Waiting in line is a good time to look at menus on the My Disney Experience App, or make (or modify) FastPass+ reservations. Since the app will use the location feature, you can see what is close and pick where you’re going to go next. Remember that in some lines the Wi-Fi might be spotty. If you don’t have a signal, look through your pictures instead. This can also be a good time to pull out your park map and better learn your way around.

Lines are also a good place to make small talk with those around you. After all, they’re will be waiting in line just as long as you are. Talking to others in line can be a great way to get some insight on things that you might have missed in the park. Remember, though, that not everyone wants to talk, so be respectful of private space.

You aren’t allowed to eat on most rides, but you can eat in line. If you have a snack with you and don’t think you can wait until your next meal, feel free to eat it while you wait. Just don’t leave any trash behind, there will be a trash can coming up soon. Finish your snack before you get close because you can’t eat or drink on the ride itself.

Before you get in a long line, make sure that everyone in your party uses the restroom. While people will leave the line and then come back because nature calls, that is considered cutting and is frowned upon. It’s better to make sure that it’s not a problem.

Only you can decide whether or not you want to wait in a long line. There is plenty to do in all four parks, and you can have a fantastic time even if you skip some of the more popular attractions. Still, there is a reason why these lines get so long. Prepare yourself mentally for the wait, and if you’re traveling with kids make sure that you have a couple of items with you to keep them busy. With a little bit of luck and maybe some Disney magic, the wait won’t be quite as long as the sign said.