Epcot Rides, Attractions, and Shows (in alphabetical order)

Spaceship Earth at Night

Advanced Training Lab Future World East

A hands on area where guests play video games that are related to Mission: SPACE. It’s a good place for guests who aren’t riding to wait and pass the time.

American Heritage Gallery American Adventure Pavilion in World Showcase

A museum-like exhibit that features approximately 40 pieces of art. They showcase, according to the Walt Disney World website, “400 years of African-American achievement”. The pieces are shown on a rotating basis, and there are interactive displays.

Bijutsu-kan Gallery Japan Pavilion in World Showcase

A museum that features the history of the kawaii phenomenon in Japan. “Kawaii” means “cute”.

British Revolution United Kingdom Pavilion in World Showcase

Tribute band that plays British rock classics. The songs of Queen, Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones, and others are featured.

Bruce’s Shark World The Seas in Future World West

There is a fun photo opportunity here featuring Bruce the Shark from Finding Nemo, plus some shark quizzes.

Caribbean Coral Reef Aquarium The Seas in Future World West

There is a living coral reef at Epcot. It contains 85 species of tropical fish and over 4,000 animals. There are several great viewing spots for guests.

Disney Phineas and Ferb: Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure World Showcase

A scavenger hunt where up to nine guests go on a mission and save the world. This is a fun way to teach kids about the World Showcase countries without them getting bored.

Disney & Pixar Short Film Festival Future World West

Watch three different Pixar short films in 3D. It’s a great break from the heat.

Frozen Ever After Norway Pavilion in World Showcase

Ride in a Viking Ship through the land of Arendelle, and see Audio-Animatronic characters from the popular film. There is one drop. Frozen Ever After is one of the most popular rides at Epcot.

Gallery of Arts and History Morocco Pavilion in World Showcase

See Moroccan crafts, learn about Fantasia (an equestrian event), and see traditional costumes. The pavilion was designed with the approval of the King of Morocco, adding to the authenticity of everything that guests see.

Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros Mexico Pavilion in World Showcase

A slow moving boat ride where the Three Caballeros search for their friend Donald Duck.

House of the Whispering Willows China Pavilion in World Showcase

Currently this area features a display that allows guests to learn a little bit more about Shanghai Disney Resort.

IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth World Showcase

Nighttime show that uses fireworks and lasers to tell “The Story of Earth”. There are good viewing areas all along World Showcase.

ImageWorks – The “What If” Labs Future World West

An interactive play area where kids make music or create digital pictures with the help of Figment.

Impressions de France France Pavilion in World Showcase

An 18 minute film that features some of the beautiful sights of France. A 200-degree widescreen is used, so people who are susceptible to motion sickness might want to skip this one.

Innoventions Future World East

A hands on, interactive area that also features the show The SpectacuLAB. Kids have so much fun in Innoventions that they don’t realize that they are learning.

JAMMitors at Future World East Future World East

Musical show that uses unusual objects such as trash cans and spatulas as percussion instruments.

Jeweled Dragon Acrobats China Pavilion in World Showcase

A group of acrobats from China that awes guests with their balancing and strength.

Journey Into Imagination With Figment Future World East

Learn about the five senses in this slow moving ride. Figment wants to put in his two cents at each stop.

Kidcot Fun Stops World Showcase

There is a Kidcot Fun Stop in each World Showcase country. Children can color and personalize international cards. It’s a great opportunity to introduce kids to Cast Members from other countries.

Leave A Legacy Future World

Soon after entering Epcot through the main entrance, guests see thousands of plaques with names and faces on them. The program was discontinued in 2007.

Living with the Land The Land in Future World West

A slow moving and educational boat ride through Epcot’s greenhouses. Some of the food is later served at Sunshine Seasons or the Garden Grill Restaurant.

Mariachi Cobre Mexico Pavilion in World Showcase

A mariachi band that plays traditional folk music from Mexico. After the show guests can take pictures with the musicians.

Matboukha Groove Morocco Pavilion in World Showcase

Upbeat music from Morocco and North Africa is performed. The audience is encouraged to dance along.

Matsuriza Japan Pavilion in World Showcase

Matsuriza celebrates Taiko, which is a high energy form of drumming in Japan.

Mexico Folk Art Gallery Mexico Pavilion in World Showcase

An exhibition featuring artwork that captures the celebration of Dia de Muertos, or Day of the Dead.

Mission: SPACE Future World East, must be 40 or 44 inches or taller

Recently updated, Mission: SPACE has two intensity levels. Green Team orbits the Earth, while Orange Team blasts off to Mars. Orange is not for the faint of heart, and is for those 44 inches or taller. Green has the lower height limit.

O Canada! Canada Pavilion in World Showcase

A 14 minute movie that travels through Canada, and also features some Canadian celebrities. The film is shown in Circle-Vision 360°, so it might not be ideal for people who suffer from motion sickness.

Project Tomorrow: Inventing the Wonders of the Future Future World West

An interactive area featuring futuristic video games. Spaceship Earth empties into Project tomorrow.

Reflections of China China Pavilion in World Showcase

Another Circle-Vision 360° film, this one takes you through the sights of China. It has been announced that the film is going to be updated, but no date has been given.

Rose & Crown Pub Musician United Kingdom Pavilion in World Showcase

Enjoy pub tunes with voice and piano inside Rose & Crown Pub.

RELAUNCHED! Mission: SPACE see Mission: SPACE above

The Seas with Nemo & Friends The Seas in Future World West

Climb into a clam shell and help Marlin, Dory, and their friends search for Nemo. The 5.7 million gallon saltwater aquarium serves as the ride’s backdrop.

Sergio Italy Pavilion in World Showcase

A juggling and mime show featuring soccer balls. A volunteer from the audience might be needed.

Serveur Amusant France Pavilion in World Showcase

A juggling and balancing act, with a good dose of humor thrown in. These acrobats are a must-see.

Soarin’ The Land in Future World West, must be 40 inches or taller

See some of the most spectacular sights across the planet from a hang glider. Soarin’ uses an IMAX screen to help guests feel like they are flying. It is one of the most popular rides at Epcot.

Spaceship Earth Future World East

A slow moving ride through the history of communications. Guests travel inside the park’s icon. There is also a chance to see where the future might take riders.

The SpectacuLAB Future World East

A live show inside Innovations that proves that science can be a lot of fun. Some audience members could be asked to participate.

Stave Church Gallery Norway Pavilion in World Showcase

Frozen has taken over much of the Norway Pavilion, but the Stave Church Gallery still shows some of the original vision. The exhibit contains Viking artifacts, some of which are centuries old.

Test Track Future World East, must be 40 inches or taller

Guests design a concept car, and then load it into the system to see how it compares to the test vehicle. The ride cars are made for six guests, and then the vehicle is put to the test. The last part hits the open road at 65 miles per hour. It’s fast, but there are no hills or dips.

Turtle Talk With Crush The Seas in Future World West

Turtle Talk With Crush is a continuous live show where Crush from Finding Nemo talks to and interacts with the audience.

Voices of Liberty The American Adventure Pavilion

Eight a cappella singers perform patriotic and Disney songs inside the American Adventure rotunda. The show lasts approximately 15 minutes, and songs include America the Beautiful, You Raise Me Up, and Let It Go.