Fourth of July 2024 Fireworks: Busch Gardens Tampa

Photo courtesy Busch Gardens Tampa

The Fourth of July is almost here, which means that people everywhere will want to watch fireworks! If you’re in the Orlando area but aren’t headed to Walt Disney World, there are plenty of other choices.

If you don’t mind driving a bit for your Independence Day celebration, Busch Gardens Tampa is the place to go. It’s also a great choice if you want to extend your holiday. They will have four evenings of their annual 4th of July Celebration! The first evening will be on July 4, and the party will continue nightly through July 7.

Summer Nights is currently taking place at Busch Gardens Tampa, which runs through August 11. If you’re 21 or older you can get a free beer sample while you’re at the park. There’s plenty of extra entertainment, in addition to the fireworks.

As always, if you don’t already have tickets for Busch Gardens Tampa, purchase them online. There’s usually a significant savings over buying the tickets at the park. Also, if you’re traveling to or from the Orlando area, give yourself plenty of time, because traffic can be quite heavy between Orlando and Tampa.

Other area fireworks displays include Walt Disney World and SeaWorld Orlando.