D23: The Ultimate Disney Fan Event Tickets Explained

From 2022

D23: The Ultimate Disney Fan Event (formerly D23 Expo) will take place August 9, 10, and 11 at the Anaheim Convention Center and the Honda Center. Ticket information has been released, and it’s a little bit confusing. I thought that I’d try to break it down a bit to make it easier to understand.

Walt the Dreamer statue, from 2022

I’ll start with when tickets go on sale. If you’re a D23 Gold Member, you can purchase tickets starting at noon Pacific Time on March 26. On March 27 at noon PT, Visa Cardholders can buy tickets. The rest of the tickets will go on sale on March 28, at noon PT. You must be a D23 Member to purchase tickets, but General Membership is free. Just sign up with the same account that you use for My Disney Experience.

Here’s where things get confusing. There are three different levels of tickets this time around. They are D23 Fan Pass, D23 Ultimate Fan Pass, and D23 Ultimate Preferred Fan Pass. The first two can be purchased for all three days or for individual days.

With the D23 Fan Pass, you’ll have access to the Anaheim Convention Center. Attend the panels, experience the show floor, and do some shopping. The daily price is $79 for D23 Gold Members, and $89 for General Members. The three day D23 Fan Pass costs $209 for Gold Members and $259 for General Members. Three day passes tend to sell out early. With the D23 Fan Pass, you won’t have access to the events at the Honda Center.

Ticket breakdown, courtesy D23

The D23 Ultimate Fan Pass will give you access to the big panels, which will take place at the Honda Center each evening. The Friday evening panel will be the Disney Entertainment Evening Showcase. Saturday it’s the Disney Experiences Evening Showcase (which should have all the theme park information). On Sunday it’s the Disney Legends Evening Showcase. With the D23 Ultimate Fan Pass, you will enjoy everything at the Anaheim Convention Center during the day, and then hop aboard a complimentary bus to the Honda Center for that evening’s presentation.

Your D23 Ultimate Pass will include assigned seats at the Honda Center. Where you sit depends on how much you’re willing to pay. One day tickets start at $99 each, and a three day ticket costs $297. There is no discount for D23 Gold Members. That price is for the 400 Level Upper rows at the Honda Center. The closer you want to sit, the more you’ll pay. The seating chart may help you to decide just how close you’d like to sit. The most expensive seats for a one day ticket cost $249, while the three day ticket is $747.

Prices, courtesy D23

The final level of ticket is the D23 Ultimate Preferred Fan Pass. This will get you into pretty much everything. You should be able to see any panel that you want at the Anaheim Convention Center during the day, and have closer seats than most at the Honda Center that evening. The D23 Ultimate Preferred Fan Pass is only for D23 Gold Members, and will most likely sell out in a matter of minutes on March 26. The price starts at $999, and goes up to $2,599 for the closest seats at the Honda Center. Single day D23 Ultimate Preferred Fan Pass tickets are not sold.

No matter which pass you buy, you’ll have a good time. I’ve been to several D23 Expos, and always leave happy. Exhausted, but happy. You can learn more about tickets here. If you’re thinking about going, don’t put off getting your tickets. In the past, they’ve sold out quickly.