The Latest on MEGACON Orlando 2024



MEGACON Orlando in 2023

MEGACON Orlando will take place February 1-4 at the Orange County Convention Center. It’s been a while since I’ve added an update, and a lot has been going on!

I’ll start with a partial celebrity list. Tom Hiddleston, Michael J. Fox, Ewan McGregor, Hayden Christensen, Gena Davis, Susan Sarandon, Marisa Tomei, Rainn Wilson, Christopher Lloyd, Jamie Farr, Loretta Swit, Wallace Shawn, William Shatner, Randy Quaid; I’ve barely dented the list. You can see the entire list of celebrities here. Remember that sometimes appearances are canceled at the last moment, so just because a name is on the list doesn’t guarantee that he or she will be there. Even with cancellations, there are more celebrities who you will want to see!

One special celebrity-related mention. 2024 is the 20th Anniversary of the series Entourage. Jerry Ferrara (Turtle), Kevin Dillon (Johnny ‘Drama’ Chase), Kevin Connolly (Eric Murphy), and Adrian Grenier (Vincent Chase) will appear at MEGACON Orlando together. It’s their first convention appearance as a group! It’s sure to be exciting.

Vivien Lyra Blair in 2023

There are photo opportunities and autographs available with the celebrities. Some of the photos are table selfies, while others may be pre-purchased and will be taken professionally. Click the picture of the celebrity, and you’ll learn more about photos and autographs.

There are panels throughout all four days of MEGACON Orlando. Many of these panels are with one or more celebrities, sharing stories about their shows, movies, and careers. If there are two or more celebrities from the same show or movie, there’s a good chance that they will do the panel together. The full schedule should be released a few days before MEGACON begins, and there is an app for easy access to the information.

This year, MEGACON Orlando is offering several “Special Experiences”. You can find them under “shop” on the homepage. For some of the Special Experiences, you will purchase advanced seating for a panel. There will still be a standby line for these panels, but standby seats will be limited. Other special experiences will take it a step further and include pictures and autographs.

Cosplay from The Mandalorian in 2023

While the celebrities may be the center of MEGACON Orlando, there’s more to it than that. The show floor has a little bit of everything! There are items for sale, displays from your favorite series or movies, artwork, tattoos, and much more. You could spend the entire time wandering the show floor and still miss something.

Cosplay is also a huge part of MEGACON Orlando. Since the convention isn’t for just one particular type of fandom, you’ll see a little bit of everything. The creativity is incredible, and people take so much pride in their work. Most of the cosplayers love to take pictures with you, but always ask first.

From the show floor in 2023

If you plan to attend MEGACON Orlando, don’t put off buying your tickets any longer. I’m pretty sure that Saturday sold out last year. You can purchase tickets here. You might want to purchase parking as well, because that could also sell out soon.