Inlet Shores Tiki Tours

Inlet Shores Tiki Tours! 

I sometimes like to share with you ideas for things to do on a relaxing day off outside of the Walt Disney World theme parks. I have a fantastic new suggestion. Book a trip with Inlet Shores Tiki Tours! It’s located about 90 minutes from Walt Disney World in New Smyrna Beach. You’ll feel like you’re in a different type of paradise.

Beautiful views 

With Inlet Shores Tiki Tours, you have a lot of variety. The standard tour is two hours, but you can book a longer trip if you’d like, even a full day! You can instead book a water taxi so that you can spend some time on Disappearing Island. (It’s called Disappearing Island because it disappears during high tide.) Wouldn’t that be a fun addition to your vacation?

Yoda thought he was the captain… 

We booked our Inlet Shores Tiki Tour for my daughter’s birthday. There were six of us, plus our dog Yoda. I was a bit worried about Yoda before our adventure, but he loved it! We all did. We chose to just cruise the entire time because it was a beautiful day and it was nice being out on Ponce Inlet. The scenery was spectacular.

Tiki Yoda!

Inlet Shores Tiki Tours provides sunscreen and bottled water. You can bring any food or beverages with you that you’d like. (If you bring alcohol, please drink responsibly.) There is a small restroom onboard. The music is provided. They can pick the tunes or you can ask for your favorite songs and artists. We did a little bit of both. The crew was awesome, letting us dictate what we wanted to see and do.

It was a beautiful afternoon 

There are two places where you can start your Inlet Shores Tiki Tour. We picked the New Smyrna Beach Boat Ramp location. I can’t speak for the Ponce Inlet pickup, but where we were it was $10 to park. There was also a public restroom at the boat ramp. It’s good to know these things ahead of time.

There were a lot of other boats out 

Inlet Shores Tiki Tours are for four to six people. I’m sure that you could have fewer than four, but four is the amount that you’ll be charged for. The company has incredible customer service, they’re happy to answer all of your questions! I had a couple of questions before I booked and I heard back within minutes.

Ponce Inlet Lighthouse 

I can’t recommend Tiki Shores Inlet Tours highly enough. We all had a fantastic time, and we plan to do it again. My daughter said that it was one of her best birthdays ever.

The cars above didn’t know what they were missing!

You can learn more information about Inlet Shores Tiki Tours here. Watch the video below, that’s what made us want to go!