Ten Second Tip: CORKCICLE Disney100 Mickey Mouse Sling

Seen at Disney Springs

I’ve heard a lot of questions about the CORKCICLE Disney100 Mickey Mouse Sling, so I thought I’d share some information here. If you’re hoping to purchase one while at Walt Disney World, there’s a CORKCICLE stand at Disney Springs! It’s currently near the entrance to Paddlefish, but it could move. The sling is designed to keep a full sized water bottle in the front, and a few personal items in the zipper compartment in the back. I have a CORKCICLE Sling without the Mickey Ears, and it’s a great bag if I’m headed to a park for a few hours. I’ve used it a lot at the Flower & Garden Festival with my daughter because I can fit two water bottles in the front compartment. It’s not the only bag you’ll want if you plan to be there all day. If you can’t make it to Disney Springs, you can check on the CORKCICLE website.